Kid Pecos Starts Pecos Disco While Around Petrified Forest National Park Towards Sanders Arizona For Pecos Sound System Growth Fund Donate And Receive Some Vinyl For All Genre Of Vinyl

Greetings Crew thanks for visiting all the sites going with Pecos Disco visit for more info on items Kid Pecos with Pecos Disco is working on. Pecos Disco with Kid Pecos is trying to expand the sets & start a world wide web radio show. For a donation of $30.00 you can receive 5 items shipped within the U.S.A. outside the U.S.A. 5 items shipped for $55.00 at Pecos Sound System Growth Fund Growth at all donations are Greatly appreciated by Pecos Disco. With some post Kid Pecos talked about loose vinyl (being older for the most part vinyl with no cover are inner sleeves at times) being vinyl a DJ ,  collector can still collect them for music. Kid Pecos when younger thought a better edition might could be found later. With Disco say with Soul Jazz older press a sounf like Pecos Disco can have some grooved favorites that play with a little noise (for a dance sound that is O.K. or  to listen to.) Start a post to sort of show a few vinyl tunes. When ordering selection from Pecos Disco you can use the # on that post, the title, the artist so Kid Pecos can locate the items. This way is best for all the items that do not have numbers like on Pecos Disco.Picture 1432 Some of the tunes will be on this post om an on going update way.Picture 1393Picture 1429Picture 1394Picture 1074 


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